Changes and Dance: A Critical Assessment of the Impact of Changes on Dance Education in Taiwan with Particular Attention on Higher Education Institutions from 1995-2005

Ann Tai
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Globalisation has become one of the most discussed topics since the turn of this century. Its effects could be found in almost every part of the daily life in modern societies. Even changes that are happened locally may find their clues linked to the global matters. In this research, three of the changes that occurred during 1995-2005 affecting dance in higher education in Taiwan will be discussed. The ideas of Leisure Studies, Multiple Intelligences, and Creative Cultural Industries that were created in remote origins found their transnational effects in each of these changes. When a change takes place, visions are usually found and goals are set to reach. However, as Noam Chomsky has asserted that visions and goals could be in conflict (1996, p. 71), it is crucial to raise questions and envisage the development of these changes. Nevertheless, it is not the purpose of this paper to find answers to these questions but to look at the relationship between local changes and the global trend.

Keywords: Dance in Higher Education, Recreational Dance, Serious Dance, School Dance,, Dance Performance, Dance Studies.
Stream: Media, Film Studies, Theatre, Communication, Globalisation
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Ann Tai

Associate Professor, Dance Department, Tainan Woman's College of Arts and Technology

Juan-ann TAI (Ann TAI) is associate professor at the Dance Department of Tainan Woman’s College of Arts and Technology (TWCAT) in Taiwan. She is also a Postgraduate Research student in Dance Studies at the University of Surrey, UK. She received her M.A. in Dance & Dance Education from New York University in 1992, and B.A. in Dance from Hunter College of the City University of New York in 1990. She has been working at TWCAT since 1992.

Ref: H05P0934