The Kantian insight on Humanities: Sciences and Politics

Dr. Carlos Leone
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A presentation presenting Kant's essay as a predecessor of the science and culture wars of today. Affinities with very different authors, like C. P. Snow, F. A. Hayek or Raymond Williams will be proposed. A special focus on the interdisciplinarity issue and today's academic multiculturalism will be made. My point is that Humanities are need to rethink their relation with Social Sciences within the University if they want to survive at all. I will argue in favour of a primordially Graduate teaching of Humanities.

Keywords: Humanities, Social Sciences, Politics
Stream: Knowledge
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Kantian Insight on the Future of Humanities, The

Dr. Carlos Leone

Professor, Social Sciences Department, Universidade Lusófona

My main field of work is Modern and Contemporary European Culture. My focus is criticism, not only Literary but also social. Currently I am working on the relation between Portugal and Western Europe in the twentieth century. My interest in the Humanities and Social Sciences, however, tends be of a methodological nature: I try to follow the path of men like Kant, Max Weber, C. G. Hempel and even Freud in what I think is the constructivistic mode of Modern and Contemporary thought.

Ref: H05P0092