Active Learning in the Humanities Classroom: Everything, Nothing, Something, Anything

Dr. Cristina Karmas
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The paper will examine active learning techniques applied over the past six years in specific humanities classes (eg, Literature and Philosophy) taught at a typical American college.
The paper will place the examination within a discussion of active learning literature in a knowledge society (e.g., Tracey E. Sutherland, Charles C. Bonwell).

Keywords: active learning, humanities
Stream: Teaching and Learning
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Active Learning in the Humanities Classroom

Dr. Cristina Karmas

Assistant Professor, Division of Humanities
Department of English, Graceland University


Dr. Cristina Karmas has worked as college teacher, editor/translator, and technical/grant writer in the U.S. (United Brotherhood of Carpenters of America, Washington, D.C.; Albertus Magnus College, CT; Paier College of Art, CT; Graceland University, IA), Spain (Columbus International College, Marbella), and Greece (Center of Planning and Economic Research, Athens).

Dr. Karmas has earned Ph.D. (English), M.A. (English), and M.A. (Philosophy) from The Ohio State University. Her interests include learning foreign languages and writing personal narratives.

Ref: H05P0918