Gendering the Future

Professor Juliet Mitchell
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Feminism is a condition of history; its political form, a putting politics in command of socio-economic change, comes to prominence and then temporarily withdraws. In the interstices of its political activity, the so-called backlash (really no more than yesterday's men)comes to the forefront. One of its dominant ideologies today is a renewed Social Darwinism vamped up as evolutionary psychology. Given the demographic transition to non replacement reproduction, is this a relevent and/or only model for gendering the future? This presentation will consider the shifts in arguments about parenting and the significance of lateral relations which are made to fit into an evolutionary model of vertical descent for gendering - how far do sisters and brothers provide us with another map for gender difference?

Keywords: Feminism, Gender
Presentation Type: Plenary Presentation in English
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Professor Juliet Mitchell

Professor, Psychoanalysis and Gender Studies, University of Cambridge

Juliet Mitchell is Professor of Psychoanalysis and Gender Studies at the University Cambridge, Convenor of Gender Studies in Cambridge and a Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge. She is a Full Member of the British and the International Psychoanalytical Societies. Her most recent books are ‘Siblings: Sex and Violence’, Polity Press (2003) and ‘Mad Men and Medusas: Reclaiming Hysteria and the Sibling Relationship for the Human Condition’, Allen Lane/Penguin Press and Basic Books (2000).

Ref: H05P0909