The Boxing Day Tsunami: The Media as an Agent for the Humane

Dr. Geoffrey W. Lummis
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Since "911", the global media has been preoccupied with "the war on terror". The recent "tsunami tragedy" in the Indian Ocean, demonstrated that the media has a capacity to act as an agency for humane intervention. In the post December 26 2004 period, the media projected the full extent of the human suffering and material devastation in Asia. Media acted as an agency of humane engagement, interviewing victims and aid organizations, thus becoming the catalyst for motivating a global viewing audience to donate or to directly create opportunities to generate support. It was the media also, that pitched political entities against each other to force significant national commitments for proactive relief programs. Finally, the media focus on the tsunami has generated a new level of global solidarity, one that has briefly suspended the coverage of terrorism. The media has accommodated a shift in global consciousness towards repositioning the notion of the "humane".

Keywords: Tsunami, Boxing Day, Media, Aid, Global Consciousness
Stream: Philosophy, Ethics, Consciousness, Globalisation
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Dr. Geoffrey W. Lummis

Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Community Studies, Education and Social Sciences School of Education (Science and Visual Arts), Edith Cowan University

Geoff Lummis; Born in Perth 1955; 6th generation Australian; 5th generation Perth WA; 3 sons; Grew up on the West Coast of WA; Remembers the coast bushlands of Perth during the late 1950s and 1960s. Summers spent surfing Trigg and Scarborough Beaches; Winters spent playing Australian Rules football. Interests include: Aesthetics and Evolutionary Epistemology; Environmental Ethics; Visual Arts and Science Education, History and Politics; Studio interests; ceramics (Raku and Salt glaze). Taught primary school 1977-1983

Ref: H05P0892