Using Indigenous Knowledge in International Development: An Analysis Of International Development And Grassroots Organizations Taking Initiatives To Solve Local Problems Utilizing Local Knowledge

Ms. Deepa Srikantaiah
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This paper addresses the use of Indigenous Knowledge in international development. The paper first presents the dichotomy that exists between Indigenous knowledge systems and Conventional Western-based knowledge systems. A debate is carried out between the two knowledge forms to show the challenges and marginalization faced by the Indigenous-based Knowledge forms, and literature and examples are presented to support the debate of the two perspectives. The second part of the paper showcases various International Development Organizations and Grassroots Non-Governmental Organizations that are making an effort to preserve Indigenous-based Knowledge Forms.

Keywords: Indigenous Knowledge
Stream: Knowledge
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Using Indigenous Knowledge in International Development

Ms. Deepa Srikantaiah

PhD Candidate, International Education Policy Program, Department of Education Policy and Leadership, School of Education, University of Maryland, College Park, USA, University of Maryland

Ref: H05P0871