Research as Practice, Practice as Research, Practice as Practice: Valuing the Creative Arts

Dr. Andrew Johnson Keen
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The paper argues that visual and performing arts practice is in itself a research method, drawing on the recently approved criteria for creative arts practice as research recently approved by the University as a case study, and in addition the Government of Australia's launch of the Committee of Humanities, Arts, and Social Science paper on the commercialisation of the arts. An introduction to research as practice and more importantly practice as research begins with the proposition 'Design is a way of inquiry, a way of providing knowing and knowledge, this means it is a way of researching.' (Downton, 2003). I argue support for increasing cross-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary debate as central to progress in understanding another's language. A mathematician can take part in a discourse via the language of numbers, signs and symbols, similarly architectural and design drawings cross language and cultural borders. Downton argues: 'research as understood in sciences is not the only source of reliable knowledge' and that its examination is inherently difficult for anyone but the initiated. I would argue that the design process is in need of articulation to broaden the base of evaluation to enable a cross-disciplinary critique between the arts and science. I propose that 'place', 'performance' and 'visual production' tell stories which are contextualised within present and past conditions, and it is in the inquiry of the design and the performance that arts and science similarly locate and propose the future. There is an inherent reluctance in Universities to accept alternative pattern making, alternative language of evaluation and critique and Charles Sturt University's acceptance of alternatives (Goodlass, 2004) outlining practice as research placing it within its knowledge domain has my support fir its significance for that domain as' an utterly appropriate requirement.' (Gardner, H.1999.)

Keywords: Arts Practice as a Research Methodology, Evaluation of Arts Practice, Cross and Trans-disciplinary Research, Practice Linking all Domains, Cybernetics Linking Arts and Science
Stream: Media, Film Studies, Theatre, Communication, Aesthetics, Design
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Research as Practice, Practice as Research, Practice as Practice

Dr. Andrew Johnson Keen

Head of School of Visual and Performing Arts, Faculty of Arts, Charles Sturt University

Design researcher and educator. Fellow Chartered Society of Designers, London. Project Design Manager in UK; Cairo, Johannesburg; and Melbourne. Head of School, Visual and Performing Arts, Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga. NSW. Lectured in Interior Design, Copyright and Design Protection in Professional Practice at RMIT; inaugural Head of Interior and Exhibition Design at Swinburne University. Visiting Fellow Hong Kong Polytechnic. External examiner, Melbourne University; RMIT, Swinburne University. Sci-Arc, Los Angeles, Hong Kong Polytechnic. Advisor to the Victorian State Minister of Planning on the Registration of Interior Designers. Exhibitions include: Object Trouvé NSD Gallery1997 GD 4: Atrium, School of Architecture, Melbourne University 1998 CORE Blimey, Charles Williams Theatre 1999 Open Day, NSD Gallery2000 Eggs(hibition) NSD Gallery2000 AJK: A Retrospective View NSD Gallery2001 The Urban Condition Japan - NSD Gallery 2001 Conduit Wagga Wagga Art Gallery 2005

Ref: H05P0869