Building Capacity in Micro Enterprise: A Learning Exchange Promoting Self Help Groups and Micro-enterprise between India and Indonesia

Julian Silverman
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The self- help group movement constitutes a powerful means of economic and social change in developing country contexts including South India. Aims of this group based learning process include the development of micro-enterprises as well as generating grass roots social change Haider (1995). Participants develop the confidence through peer support as well as skills essential to accessing credit from their fellow individual group's member's pooled and banked savings as well as seed funding from non-government organisations to start income generating ventures. This paper examines how the expertise of selected South Indian self-help groups may be possibly extended to communities in North Bali, Indonesia. Such a learning exchange, pending the interests of the communities concerned, could serve as a means of further developing the self-help group movement in Indonesia.

Keywords: Self- help Group, Economic and Social Change, Learning Process, Micro-enterprise
Stream: Globalisation
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Building Capacity in Micro Enterprise

Julian Silverman

Coordinator Diploma of Community Education, School of International and Community Studies, RMIT University

Mr Silverman has undertaken a range of intercultural training programs. He is currently engaged in development and delivery of a Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment and Training, customised and contextualised for Indigenous Australian participants. Julian has received a range of industry awards for his intercultural training skills as well as his research and program design capabilities including an Indian Study Tour for Australian students examining self help groups and social change in India. He has also completed radio programs for broadcast in India and Australia. In 1999 he conducted effective training in advanced counselling skills in – country for Tongan prison officers, parole officers and Church leaders. He is currently a Lecturer at RMIT University in addition to his role as a facilitator of work place based learning in a range of community service organisations.

Ref: H05P0862