A Psychoanalytic Reading of Plato's Symposium

Prof. Maire Jaanus
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A Psychoanalytic Reading of Plato's Symposium Lacan's reading of Plato's Symposium in the Seminar on Transference. How what he tells us about knowledge and love there compares to his later thinking about the soul, anxiety, love, being, and nonbeing.

Keywords: Lacan, Plato, Symposium, Transference, Language, Knowledge, Love, Being, Nonbeing
Stream: Literature, Literary Studies
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Prof. Maire Jaanus

Professor of English and Chair, English Department, Barnard College/Columbia University

Maire Jaanus, Professor of English and Chair at Barnard College, is the co-editor of Lacan in the German-Speaking World (SUNY Press, 2004), Reading Seminars I and II: Lacan's Return to Freud (SUNY Press, 1996) and Reading Seminar XI: Lacan's Four Fundamental Concepts (SUNY Press, 1995). She is the editor of Ethics and the Superego in Freud and Lacan, a special issue of Literature and Psychology XXXXII no.1-2 (1997) and the author of She - a Novel (Doubleday, 1984), Literature and Negation (Columbia University Press, 1979; Paper Rept., 1988), and Georg Trakl (Columbia University Press, 1974). Most recently she has published the Introduction and Notes for Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov (Barnes & Noble Classics, 2004), "Eesti ja Valu: Jaan Krossi Keisri hull", [Estonia and Pain Jaan Kross's The Czar's Madman] Metamorfiline Kross (Tallinn, Estonia: Eesti TA Underi ja Tuglase Kirjanduskeskus, 2005), and "The Concept of Jouissance and its Significance for the Humanities", International Journal of the Humanities, vol. 1, (2003).

Ref: H05P0848