Historical Origin and Architectural Macrostructure in Rural Greece

Dr. Julia Theodoraki-Patsi
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Autochthonous architectural form of dwellings in the Cycladic islands of the Aegean sea, are covered with plain roof patterns. In Andros the northern island of this complex the plain roof pattern was practiced until the early 19th century. Consecutively pitched roof patterns replaced the plain ones, as a result of the neoclassic attempts to universalize architecture. The contrary happened halfway into the 20th century when the rediscovery of traditional architectural values adopted once more the plain roof pattern. Currently, building regulation codes undertake the organization of the build environment, according to the predominant roof pattern, for each settlement.

The present research evaluates the diversity of the architectural element of roof-pattern throughout the historical evolution of each settlement, in a Greek island (Andros), situated in proximity to the Athens metropolitan area.

Keywords: Architectural Element, Vernacular, Evolution
Stream: Aesthetics, Design
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Historical Origin and Architectural Macrostructure in Rural Greece

Dr. Julia Theodoraki-Patsi

Lecturer, Rural Engineering, National Technical University of Athens

Besides my studies I am teaching the topic of Rural Architecture in The Technical University of Athens since 1982 resulting in various intercrosses with other topics as place making and infrastructure.

Ref: H05P0827