Express Mailing Our Workplace Creativity to Ourselves

Prof. Linda Conway Correll-George
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Today's Information Society is expert at retrieving encyclopaedic volumes of articles and knowledge in a matter of seconds. With the click of a computer key, we can put our fingers on up-to-the-moment statistics from around the world, and breaking commerce stories occurring a continent or two away. Our technologies of communication have switched the world in which we do business to an ever faster fast-track. And society's expectation of immediacy in information retrieval has fostered an expectation of instant creativity as well: push a button, pull out an idea. The twenty-first century challenge of business communications, then, is to speed up the traditional creative paradigm without sacrificing the creativity and humanity of our ideas. Creative Aerobics (CA) is a sui generis ideation model that reinvents brainstorming. It focuses on process rather than solution to arrive at multiple fresh, out-of-the-box solutions for assignments, often in an hour or less. It consists of four mental exercises that build upon one another, developing custom data bases of information for each. It allows us to deliver ideas to ourselves that we might not have located with our traditional problem-solving skills. It is creativity on demand. In this model, the stress and anxiety usually encountered in brainstorming exercises are replaced by laughter, relaxation and productivity. Consequently, CA can exponentially increase both the quality and the number of creative solutions arrived at by its users.

Keywords: Creative Aerobics, Innovative Ideations System, Creativity on Demand
Stream: Teaching and Learning
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Prof. Linda Conway Correll-George

Assistant Professor, Department of Advertising College of Journalism and Communications, The University of Florida

Prof. Correll is a 27-year veteran of first-tier New York, Texas and New England advertising agencies, and the recipient of more than 40 regional, national and international awards for her work, including a CLIO, 18 ADDY Awards, 2 New York Festivals Awards and 5 Tellys. A university professor since 1991, she has presented Creative Aerobics, the innovative ideation system she designed, to students, educators, corporate managers and industry professionals on three continents. Her work has been published in juried publications - College Teaching, The Teaching Professor, The Journal of Advertising Education, Proceedings of the 1997 Conference of the American Academy of Advertising, The Telly Awards: The First 20 Years, The AEJMC 50 Top GIFT Proposals, The Creativity 33 Annual, The STEP Inside Design Best of Show 200, The Economic Times of India, Her book, Brainstorming Reinvented, was published in 2004 by the Response Books Division of Sage Publishing, in India where it has reached the best seller list. Currently, it is in international distribution.

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