Lessons Learned from Pluralistic Media Representation of Environmental Turbulence: Issues of Cultural Identity

Dr Mammy Helou
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What should be the role of the media during national and international turbulence? The purpose of the current study is to discuss the nature and role of media coverage of turbulence as a means of evaluating possible media reconstructive policy implications. The role that pluralistic media coverage plays in representing crises is evaluated. Finally, this paper endeavours to provide insights for future research related to the function and role of media coverage under turbulence.

Keywords: Pluralistic media, Dysfunctional media, Environmental turbulence, Case study approach
Stream: Media, Film Studies, Theatre, Communication, Political Science, Politics
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Lessons Learned from Pluralistic Media Representation of Environmental Turbulence

Dr Mammy Helou

Senior Lecturer in Marketing, School of Marketing and International Business College of Law and Business, University of Western Sydney

Dr Mammy Helou is a Senior Lecturer of Marketing in the School of Marketing and International Business at The University of Western Sydney. She has degrees in marketing, management and economics. Her background covers areas of consumer research and buyer behaviour, economic policy and development, business process management, supply chain management and cross-cultural marketing. Prior to The University of Western Sydney, Dr Helou lectured in marketing, management and economics and practised as a senior planner and credit manager in the United States, Middle East and Australia.

Ref: H05P0816