Ethnicity in the USSR and the Successor States: New Tragedies in the Making?

Norma Hervey
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Presentation begins with Stalin's assignments as Commissar of Nationalities, considers ethnic identities and cultures of the states of the USSR, and concludes with current ethnic issues in the new republics. Why do EU and the US celebrate diversity and pluralism while ethnicity is a weapon leading to destruction and ethnic cleansing? What consequences based on ethnicity threaten people in those former Soviet states? What are US policies? What is their rationale?

Keywords: USSR, Ethnic History, Republics of former USSR, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Caucasus, Georgia
Stream: History, Historiography, Ethnicity, Difference, Identity
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Norma Hervey

Professor of History, History Department, Luther College

PhD, US History - University of Minnesota. MA, Russian History, MLS. Employment history: St. Bonaventure University, 1970-1981. Gustavus Adolphus College, 1981-1988. Luther College 1988-present. Recent publication: Newcomers to the U.S.: Immigrants of the 20th and 21st centuries. (2003) Dissertation: A Company Town Becomes a Community. (1990) Editorial Board Choice. Multiple book reviews, 1985-..

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