Biosemiotics in Ancient Egyptian Texts: the Key to Long-Lost Signs Found in Myth, Religion, Psychology, Art and Literature

Judy Kay King
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Biosemiotics is biology interpreted as sign systems, that is, the sign is a fundamental biological unit such as a protein or molecule. A broad study of eight Ancient Egyptian texts, spanning 2000 years, reveals that over 870 decoded signs exhibit a unified matrix of ancient Egyptian science that mirrors modern scientific knowledge. The Pharaohs were aware of bacterial genetics, space physics, quantum physics, and molecular biology, including recent research in cosmology related to String Theory, Black Hole theory and dark energy. The clever monarchs veiled their impressive scientific knowledge in a religious literature of double-signified signs and symbols with related artwork. This decoded scientific sign system not only maps an actual chemical reaction pathway, but it also provides the key to signs found in the ancient myths of Sumer/Babylonia, India, and Greece. Further, the masked Egyptian knowledge shows that religious themes, such as the dying, rising god and virgin birth, model the genetic activity of a complex virus called bacteriophage Lambda. Related to the full scientific focus of the funerary text study, Albrecht Durer's mystifying engraving Melancholia I and William Blake's aborted masterpiece The Four Zoas are elucidated. This research into ancient Egyptian texts and modern science is called The Isis Thesis and reveals an elaborate biological sign system as the origin of the work of art.

Keywords: Ancient Egypt, Biosemiotics, Science, William Blake, Albrecht Durer
Stream: Literature, Literary Studies, Knowledge, Science, Environment and the Humanities
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Paper: Biosemiotics in Ancient Egyptian Texts

Judy Kay King

Envision Editions, Ltd.

Judy Kay King, M.A. English, is the leading literary theorist and scientist decoding Egyptian signs as biosemiotics, that is, biology interpreted as sign systems. Her Masters Degree is from Oakland University, Michigan, where her graduate education in literary criticism was centered on great thinkers such as Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault, Martin Heidegger, Claude Levi-Strauss, Friedrich Nietzsche and many others interested in the study of signs and the origin of the work of art. As a college instructor for ten years, she has designed and facilitated more than 16 college courses, including Mythology, Creative Writing, Seminars on West Africa and literature courses. As an independent grant writer, she has authored and obtained competitive grants for Michigan school districts, amounting to over $1,800,000. Her first competitive award was a National Science Foundation technical grant for a wireless instructional television network for a northern Michigan intermediate school district. She is author of two books: The Isis Thesis, a study decoding 870 Ancient Egyptian Signs, and The Road from Orion, visionary fiction explaining the science in the thesis, while interpreting great works of art. She is also President of Envision Editions, Ltd.

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