Children of Immigrants in a Greek Kindergarten

Dr Christos Govaris,
Ms Alice Antwniadou
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Children of immigrants in the Greek kindergarten - Teachers' perceptions for the pedagogic management of cultural differences During the '90s, Greek society has mutated into a multicultural society. 6% of children in Greek kindergarten schools originate from immigrant families. In primary schools this percentage amounts to 10%. The presence of foreign students in Greek education raises the question of pedagogic management of multiculturalism and cultural differences so much in the educational system as a whole, as in the daily pedagogic practice in the classroom. Fundamental objectives of our research are the investigation of the following points: 1. How teachers conceive and interpret the pedagogical dimension and challenge of social multiculturalism 2. How they conceive and define cultural differences in kindergarten and the term "Cross-cultural Education" 3. Through which practices they promote the implementation of the principles of cross-cultural education The method of open interviews has been selected in order to investigate teacher opinions. 24 kindergarten teachers have participated in the research. The following findings are amongst the most significant of the investigation: • Cultural differences are coded and interpreted on the basis of static notion of culture. The intrinsic differences of cultural teams are not touched upon • The reports and actions of teachers are of a fragmentary character and aim for the stereotypical exposure of important ethnic cultural differences • Teachers generally feel insecure as far as the pedagogic management of cultural differences is concerned The above findings possess the capacity of initiating the organisation of training seminars for teachers

Keywords: Multiculturalism, Cultural differences, Education, Kindergarten
Stream: Ethnicity, Difference, Identity
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Children of Immigrants in a Greek Kindergarten

Dr Christos Govaris

Lecturer in Multicultural Education, Department of Pre-school Education, Aegean University

Ms Alice Antwniadou

Teacher in lyceum, Public lyceum of Afandou, Rhodes, Greek Ministry of Education and Religion

Ref: H05P0798