Adventure, Travel and Feminine Desire: An Exploration of Neo-Romanticism in the Music Videos of Gwen Stefani

Dr Panizza Allmark
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This paper provides an analysis of the trend of neo-romanticism for contemporary white female music artists within the postmodern conceptual framework of popular music videos. Focusing on the most recent videos of Gwen Stefani, the paper will explore the romantic narrative of travel and neo-orientalism and the strong links with 19th Century children's literature, particularly in the fantasy adventures of Lewis Caroll's Alice in Wonderland and legendary pirate stories. I propose that these texts are subverted and enacted within a postmodern feminist framework of white urban femininity concerning fashion, dance, lyrics and moreover not only the desire for the 'other' but also the desire for self-discovery.

Keywords: Music videos, Neo-romanticism, Neo-orientalism, Feminism, Children's literature
Stream: Sexuality, Gender, Families
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Dr Panizza Allmark

Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies, School of Communications and Cultural Studies, Edith Cowan University

Panizza Allmark has a PhD in Media Studies, from Edith Cowan University, in Perth, Western Australia. Her PhD reflected her passion for 'ecriture feminine' or writing the feminine body. Her thesis titled 'Un Voyage vers une Photographie Feminine' combined her background as an accomplished photographer with applying critical concepts to her own representational practices. Her research is concerned with feminist practices, representational and identity politics, travel, post-colonial theory, visual culture and urban documentary practices. She is also part of the editorial team for Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies.

Ref: H05P0791