The Embellishment of Kickapoo Lore in the Borderland Novels of Laura Esquivel and Larry McMurtry

Prof. Ramiro R. Rea
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In the novels of Laura Esquivel and Larry McMurtry(Both Borderland writers) kickapoo lore is embellished. This embellishment serves as an aphrodisiac in the development of the narrative andthe delineation of both themes and characters. Each writer with their own style create a distinctive impression of the Borderlands. Providing a compelling account of the lifes of both men and women on the nineteen century frontier, Their novels expose the diversity, scope and complexity of the Mexican-American Borderland experience.

Keywords: Kickapoo, Mascogos, Nacimiento del Negro, Juan Caballo (John Horse), Wild cat, Kickapoo Medicine Company, Bufalo Bill Wild West Show
Stream: Literature, Literary Studies
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Prof. Ramiro R. Rea

Associate Professor, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, The University of Texas-Pan American

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