Hilda Taba Was Right: You Can Teach Thinking!

Dr. Janice Nath
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Hilda Taba first introduced her concept development ideas 40 years ago with the strong belief that students could be taught to think — specifically to analyze information and create concepts. Since that time, other educators/researchers have developed and adapted many models of teaching to accomplish higher-levels of thinking in their classrooms. These structures can be used for almost all content areas. In this university's graduate program, teachers develop a repertoire of teaching strategies that focus on higher-level thinking methods that also are more active and engaging to their entire class. This workshop will present an overview of the research, the research conducted with teachers/graduate students using these models, and will present various models that can be used alone or can be adapted to use with technology.

Keywords: Models of teaching, Higher levels of thinking
Stream: Teaching and Learning
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Dr. Janice Nath

Asst. Professor, Department of Urban Education, University of Houston-Downtown

Dr Nath currently serves as a University of Houston-Downtown faculty member in the Department of Urban Education. She has co-edited four books on becoming a teacher and two on Professional Development School (PDS) research. She served for several years as chair and program chair of the PDS Research group at the American Education Research Association (AERA). She is a recent recipient of her university's research/creativity award. She currently serves as a board member and officer of the Consortium of State Organizations of Texas Teacher Educators.

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