A Classical Islamic Philosopher Making Sense of the Human Value of Knowledge

Dr. John F. Quinn
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A Classical Islamic Philosopher Making Sense of the Human Value of Knowledge, John F. Quinn Making Sense of al-Ghazali's Social Context Early Education and Making Sense by Doubting Everything Intellectual Crisis and Making Sense Theologians and the Meaning of Knowledge Philosophers and the Meaning of Knowledge Polemicists and the Meaning of Knowledge Spiritual Crisis and Making Sense of One's Life Conclusion: Al-Ghazali as a classical Islamic philosopher made sense of the human value of knowledge by showing us how to seek knowledge in order to show a spirit of innovation and originality that characterizes his true philosophical genius.

Keywords: Human, Islamic, Knowledge, Philosophy
Stream: Knowledge, Philosophy, Ethics, Consciousness
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Classical Islamic Philosopher Making Sense of the Human Value of Knowledge, A

Dr. John F. Quinn

Full Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Dayton

Dr John F. Quinn has taught the following courses in Philosophy such as Philosophy of Law, Medieval Philosophy, Islamic Philosophy and Culture, Environmental Ethics, Business Ethics and the Philosophy of Art. In addition to teaching Philosophy he also is a practicing attorney who presently consults with corporations on matters of ethics. He has traveled extensively, presenting papers throughout the world. His current research focuses on world aesthetics, especially Islamic, the revisiting of classical Islamic philosophers so as to better understand the issues within the contemporary Islamic world. Such issues as human rights, war and peace, the interpretation of Islamic law are themes in his current writings. Articles that he is presently researching are concerned with the human dimensions of environmental ethics, sustainable technology and bioengineering in the framework of Islamic philosophy. The scientific and philosophical culture of the Islamic past has often been overlooked because of the label "medieval dark ages". This period of philosophy shows an extraordinary type of humanistic endeavor that has little been appreciated for its own sake. Within this framework are the linkages with the contemporary world.

Ref: H05P0756