The Future of Arts Discourse: Interdisciplinarity and Globalisation of Arts Practice

Dr. Ann Maree McCulloch,
Mr Peter Davis
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This workshop will focus on the ways in which our Journal Double Dialogues dealt with the question of the 'Anatomy of Pain'. In this workshop, by a process of demonstration and interaction, we will look at the theme of the representation of pain and engage with the ways in which different disciplines (psychological, visual, performative, philosophical, aesthetic and literary) explored this question. Emphasis will be given to the 'double dialogue' nature of the discourse in which practitioners of the arts have found a 'language' from aesthetics, history, theory, and philosophy that has succeeded in establishing a dialogue between the art-work and the discourse that might spring from the work itself or provide a relevant context. This session will draw on the expertise of the audience for discussions and experiment within the Double Dialogue model.

Keywords: Arts Practice and Theory, Arts as Expression of the Ineffable, Depression as Inexpressible Experience?, Inter-Disciplinarity, Globalisation, Aesthetics, Anatomy of Pain and Poetics
Stream: Literature, Literary Studies, Media, Film Studies, Theatre, Communication, Knowledge, Philosophy, Ethics, Consciousness
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
Paper: Depression and its Expression

Dr. Ann Maree McCulloch

Associate Head of the School of Communication and Creative Arts, Literary Studies in the School of Communication and Creative Arts, in the Faculty of Arts, Deakin University

Dr Ann McCulloch is a senior lecturer, and Associate Head of School, at Deakin University. Her book The Dance of the Nomad on A.D. Hope's Notebooks, his life and his art is in press and is to be published this year by Pandanus Press (2005). She has written, directed and produced a six programmed documentary on A.D. Hope's life and work (The Dance of Language: The Life and Work of A.D. Hope, Deakin Uni, 1996) and written a monograph that accompanies the programmes. She is also the author of A Tragic Vision: The Novels of Patrick White, UQP, 1983, and author of many articles and essays on biography, A.D.Hope, Patrick White, Christina Stead and Arts Discourse. Ann McCulloch was the Director of Maelstrom Theatre (1988-1992); she produced and wrote 14 theatrical performances culminating in a six-act play Let Gypsies Lie and Odyssey Enflamed. She is currently executive Editor of the Journal , Double Dialogues, and working on a book with Justin Clemens on Depression and its expression. Her work on Nietzsche and Australian Writers (with Dr Ron Goodrich) will be submitted for publication in 2005.

Mr Peter Davis

Senior Lecturer, School of Communications and Creative Arts, Deakin University

Peter Davis is a writer/photographer and a Senior Lecturer in Creative non-Fiction at Deakin University. He has been a contributing author to Lonely Planet books on India and has co-authored two books on elephants in Sri Lanka. He publishes regular articles on issues relating to photography, travel and development. He leads cultural tours for writers and photographers to India and he coordinates the Network of Image, Text and Technology at Deakin University.

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