Existential Themes in Interpersonal Communication: Where Do We Go?

Dr. Gerald Powell
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Within this meditation, I have four simple objectives: (1) describe the current treatment of interpersonal communication, with specific emphasis on the discipline's need of a core; (2) propose and argue for an existential core, submitting core existential questions that anchor and provide stability to interpersonal communication; (3) examine the existential self and its unilateral relationship with an existential core; and (4) touch upon alienation — an inexorable consequence of a coreless interpersonal communication.

Keywords: Existential core, Existential self, Alienation
Stream: Media, Film Studies, Theatre, Communication
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Sartrean Implications of a Collective Consciousness for Multicultural Studies

Dr. Gerald Powell

Professor, Rhetorical Studies/Humanities, Coppin State University

Gerald Powell is a Professor of Rhetorical Studies. He is the author of Existential themes in interpersonal communication: Where do we go? His research questions and explores the significance of existentialism in understanding inter(ra)personal communication.

Ref: H05P0746