A Precursor to Understanding Islamic Conceptions of Political Peace: Realizing the Significance of Theology

Mr John C. Rush
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A key ingredient to understanding the "truth about religion" is to understand the different ways religions conceive of peace and the way in which peace is to be pursued. The focus of this paper is on Islamic conceptions of peace. It is the contention of this paper to suggest that the fundamental conflict within Islamic conceptions of peace stem directly from their own internal conflicts regarding peace and the proper way in which it ought to be pursued and implemented in a global society increasingly characterized by modernity and democracy.

Keywords: Peace, Islam, Religion, Democracy, Globalisation
Stream: Philosophy, Ethics, Consciousness, Political Science, Politics, Globalisation, Religion, Spirituality
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Precursor to Understanding Islamic Conceptions of Political Peace, A

Mr John C. Rush

Student, Religion in American Life, Wheaton Graduate School

I was raised in the evangelical subculture of America. I attended a Christian junior high and high school. After gradation I served in the United States Marine Corps and served as a chaplain's assistance and substance abuse counselor. Upon leaving the Marines I completed by undergraduate studies in Bible and Theology at the Moody Bible Institute, followed by a Master's in Urban studies. I then began serving in a homeless shelter in Chicago and working as a pastor. My academic work continued with a Masters in Biblical and Theological studies, concentration in New Testament at Wheaton and a second Masters in Religion in American Life under historian Mark Noll. I am married with seven children and plan on continuing my academic studies at the University of Chicago in social ethics.

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