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Paula Bolduc
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"…Salve Regina University seeks wisdom and promotes universal justice." — The Mission Statement — Since Salve Regina University merged its Writing Center and Tutorial Services following the inception of its innovative core curriculum in 2003 promoting life-long learning and responsible global citizenship, new opportunities have materialized for helping students cultivate their moral and academic lives. These new opportunities are in three different areas. First, students, unlike in the previous core curriculum, share a common list of literary, religious and philosophical readings in their first two courses. These first two core courses are writing intensive and require students to produce writing portfolios. Since the students remain in the same small groups for the core courses a "team" environment evolves in which they are more likely to establish a meaningful dialogue about their ideas and experiences. This has led to a fostering of collaborative skills in other courses. Second, the merger of the Writing Center and Tutorial Services has given a new image to the tutoring services we offer at Salve Regina University. No longer seen by students as "set off" or merely remedial, tutoring has taken on a new and more integrative role in helping students at all levels to achieve academic excellence. Finally, when tutors and students meet collaboratively to share knowledge, either of a specific subject or course, or to work on their writing, in a learning community that "seeks wisdom and promotes universal justice", as the University's mission statement prescribes, skills of life-long learning and responsible citizenship are more likely to be achieved.

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Paper: All Learning is Remedial

Paula Bolduc

Assistant to the Director of Academic Development, Salve Regina University

Masters in English Literature, University Rhode Island Masters in Hospital Administration, Salve Regina University BS in Nursing BA in Psychology.

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