Phenomenological Exploration of Virginia Woolf's Spiritual World

Dr. Annette Allen
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the paper presents a phenomenological reading of Virginia Woolf's art, using the thought of Henri Bergson, Karl Jaspers, and Georges Poulet. Through their tradition of viewing human life as being-in-the-world (Existenz) I examine Woolf's search for transcendence in her fiction through presentation of personal notions of reality and the constitution of characters/selfs. Her ideas of the self as represented in art uncover ways in which character/selves gain access to transcendence in "moments of being". In addition, this reaching for the numinous unfolds a pattern of connectedness in all things, thus creating in spite of her avowal of atheism a spiritual world.

Keywords: Literature, Literary Studies, Philosophy, Aesthetics
Stream: Literature, Literary Studies, Philosophy, Ethics, Consciousness
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Dr. Annette Allen

Associate Professor of Humanities, University of Louisville, USA, Director, Humanities Ph.D program and Masters in Humanities and Civic Leadership, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY, University of Louisville

Associate Professor of Humanities and Director of the Humanities Ph.D at the University of Louisville, and former Professor of Literature and Dean of the College at Salem College in North Carolina. Recipient of four state art council awards and the Witte award for a collection of poetry, Country of Light, and recipient of two NEH Summer research awards. Author of articles on Sylvia Plath, Mary Oliver, Virginia Woolf and poetry published in journals.

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