Crossing Boundaries: Globalisation, Integrative Learning and Connecting Liberal Education with Professional Studies

Dr. Marion W. Roydhouse
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Participants in this workshop will explore a model for infusing global perspectives across the humanities core curriculum within the context of professionally oriented undergraduate education. Participants will then evaluate the extent to which this model provides integrative learning structures and evidence of student learning which reflects an understanding of globalisation and its implications. Philadelphia University is working on the issue of integrative learning as part of a ten campus project within the United States sponsored by the Association of American Colleges and Universities and the Carnegie Foundation for Teaching and Learning. Philadelphia University's particular focus is the integration of professional studies with the liberal arts and the infusion of a global orientation across the liberal arts core curriculum. The workshop will begin with a summary of the curriculum changes, faculty development and university wide organizational structures undertaken at Philadelphia University which resulted in a strong core curriculum where the initial first year focus on local and national issues is followed by a wider international focus in the subsequent three years, finishing with an integrative, interdisciplinary capstone seminar. This seminar requires students to bring together an understanding of contemporary international political and economic trends with a case study focusing upon a professional issue in a global context. Participants will examine the case study in curriculum development presented in order to: Share alternative solutions to the outcomes goal of internationalizing the student learning throughout the undergraduate experience; Share strategies for faculty development; Share strategies for promoting the understanding of cultural difference. Share barriers or potential obstacles to change at other institutions The second half of the workshop will be devoted to examining evidence of students' abilities to integrate knowledge. Assessment activities already undertaken will provide case studies for workshop participants who will create a draft rubric to evaluate the extent to which student work shows evidence of understanding global issues and the ability to integrate material and research skills learned within the context of humanities courses with content learned in the professional major. Summary of the discussion and alternative solutions emerging from the workshop will be posted on the website of the School of Liberal Arts and as a part of the Integrative Learning Project "snapshot" website which will be on-line on the Carnegie Foundation for Teaching and Learning website this summer.

Keywords: Globalisation, Integrative Learning, Liberal Education, Assessment, Curriculum Design, Cross Cultural Understanding
Stream: Teaching and Learning, Globalisation
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
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Dr. Marion W. Roydhouse

Professor of History and Dean,, School of Liberal Arts, Philadelphia University

New Zealand born and educated, Marion Roydhouse then held a James B. Duke Commonwealth Fellowship for graduate study in women's history at Duke University. She has published on the YWCA and workers' education, southern women, labor reform and the textile industry in North Carolina. She is presently writing on women in Pennsylvania since the American Civil War. Since the early 1990s she has been involved in curricular reform and faculty development around teaching, learning and interdisciplinary education. As co-director of an NEH and FIPSE grant she implemented liberal professional education with an interdisciplinary focus at Philadelphia University. More recently she wrote the successful grant proposal for the Integrative Learning Project supported by the Association of American Colleges and Universities and the Carnegie Foundation for Teaching and Learning and serves on the campus team for the three year project.

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