The Listening Preferences of British College Students: Implications for Learning and Teaching

Dr. Brian Furio
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Most research on listening patterns/preferences on college students has been done in the U.S. Only a handful of studies have been done in Europe and none in Britain. U.S. studies of listening behaviors have shown reliable patterns and relationships to learning. In addition, links to instructional effectiveness have been suggested. This study attempts to identify listening patterns in British college students to determine whether they align more closely with European patterns or American patterns. Implications for learning and instructional effects are discussed as related to the results.

Keywords: Listening Preferences
Stream: Teaching and Learning
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Paper: Listening Preferences of British College Students, The

Dr. Brian Furio

Associate Professor of Communication, Department of Music, Art, and Communication, York College of Pennsylvania

I have been researching the topic of listening preferences and behaviors for approximately twelve years. I feel that understanding the connection between listening and learning is a critical, yet often overlooked, component in any instructional environment and for any age group.

Ref: H05P0714