An Holistic View to Improve Overall Quality of Life

Anupma Sahai
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This paper will focus on the practical aspect to find out the insightful family friendly and public policy that ensures a holistic view to improve overall quality of life.

The new technologies and science of informatics is infusing our life to a great extent. These changes are labeled as the new economy or the information society. Their defining characteristic is the capacity to harness, access and apply information and diffuse knowledge at electronic speed to all types of human activity. This digital revolution is rapidly transforming social, economic, cultural and political interactions the world over.

No society can survive without successfully pursuing its material life. In order to accumulate more materials to improve our quality of life, we are caught up in the spiral of compulsive getting and spending. Underneath the glamour and glitter of affluent life is the disturbing fact that the three most frequently prescribed drugs are an ulcer medication, a hypertension reliever and a tranquillizer. And the rise of family conflict.because of striking changes in the nature of families and the workforce. These issues may at first instance appears to be of less significance and not practicable. But what could be more significant, practicable and more directly related to our very existence?

Now its high time, we have to broaden our scope towards the agenda of science and technology once again and how better to use them for sustainability of human presence in natural environment. And it need to be solved through proper coordination between academia, industry and government at large.

Keywords: Insightful Family Friendly and Public Policy, Holistic View to Improve Overall Quality of Life, Sustainability of Human Presence in Natural Environment, Family Conflict
Stream: Philosophy, Ethics, Consciousness, Sexuality, Gender, Families
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Paper: Holistic View to Improve Overall Quality of Life, An

Anupma Sahai

Lecturer, Management Department, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Lalpur Extension Centre

Ms Anupma Sahai is young and talented; she has created a niche for herself in such a short span. She believes that if a person has strong determination, nothing is impossible. Presently she is working as an Associate lecturer in Birla Institute of technology, Mesra, Lalpur Extension Centre, one of the oldest and prestigious management institutes in India. In these last 3yrs. she is handling subjects like •Principles of Management, Organizational Behavior, Quantitative Techniques in Management, International Trade and Business, Legal Aspects of Management, Organizational Behavior, Business Ethics, Industrial Relation and Industrial and Labor Legislation, for both management and computer science courses (i.e., BBA, MBA and MCA). Students appreciate her, for friendly and genuine attitude. She is and involved in various academic activities of the Institute Anupma has a BSc(Hons.) degree from Banaras Hindu University, an MBA from School of Management Sciences, varanasi and MIS-IT from Indian Institute of Planning and Management, New Delhi. Her articles have also featured in management journals and regional newspapers. She has also presented papers in seminars and conferences at national level.

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