Historical Knowledge Mapping: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Newness in Past Cultures

Dr. William Acres,
Chris Sinal
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In the creation of application for computing, and interdisciplinary team of scholars has grappled with a threefold series of questions. First, the method of creating a data analysis of points of contact (to use Geoffrey Elton's phrase) which existed historically, and which exists in present and future tenses. The graphing of tabular information of individuals (military cohorts from the late-Sixteenth Century) presents a different approach to the historiographic problem of the 'Military Revolution' — a congeries of new knowledge and knowledge communities linked by publication, personal and family ties, the Court, the county, the Universities, and by reading, copia, and other personal and corporate identities. Second, the method of tabulating these lives as institutional entities drawn from manuscript and printed sources will be analyzed as a dynamic construct of the individual ontologies of the military group, even as a larger sense of change can be detected in the transmission of cultural knowledge. In conclusion, the nature of the transmission of knowledge and culture will be summarized with respect to the data and the introduction of an application for computing.

Keywords: Historical knowlege mapping, Prosopographies and analysis, Communities of knowledge, past and present
Stream: Knowledge, History, Historiography, Political Science, Politics, Teaching and Learning, Sexuality, Gender, Families, Cyberspace, Technology
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Interdisciplinary Approach to ‘Newness’ in Historical Populations, An

Dr. William Acres

Ass't Professor, Centre for International and Comparative Studies Theology History, Huron University College/The University of Western Ontario

Canadian scholar and teacher engaged in an interdisciplinary research group together with Dr David Bellhouse (Statistics and Actuarial Sciences, UWO) and Dr Michael Bauer (Chair, Computer Sciences, UWO; Lead Investigator, SHARCNET, online data and knowledge network for Universities' research in Canada). Legislative Intern, Queen's Park, Toronto, Canada; B. A. (UWO); Ph. D. Cambridge University, Commonwealth Scholar (Canada), at Selwyn College, Cambridge. Supervisor, Sir Geoffrey Elton. Teaching and researching 'Historical Knowledge Mapping'. Interests: World Religions, Middle East. Rowing. See CV for publications and other scholarly interests.

Chris Sinal

Research Coordinator, History/Theology, Statistics and Actuarial Sciences, Computer Science, Huron University College, The University of Western Ontario

Chris Sinal is the Senior Research Coordinator for an
interdisciplinary research group consisting of Dr. William Acres
(History, Theology, Huron University College, The University of
Western Ontario), Dr. David Bellhouse (Statistics and Actuarial
Sciences, UWO) and Dr. Michael Bauer (Chair, Computer Sciences, UWO
and Lead Investigator, SHARCNET). Chris holds a BA (Honours) in
History from Huron University College, and is currently pursuing an
MA in History under the supervision of Dr. Daniel Woolf at the
University of Alberta. His main interest concerns the development of
nationalist motivation within 17th century England.

Ref: H05P0673