The Influence of Spanish Krausism on Antonio Machado

Dr. Christian Alberto Rubio
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Frederic Christian Krause was a German philosopher. Even though his philosophical thought has never been considered an important one, perhaps because of his writings that led him to be expelled from the Freemasonry, he was a prominent figure in Spain during the second half of the XIX century. His ideas were exported to Spain by Julian Sanz del Rio. He translated Krause's book: "The ideal of humanity of life". This book and the thoughts incorporated by Sanz del Río became the foundation to the movement known as The Spanish Krausism. Among the followers of this school of thought was Francisco Giner de los Ríos, founder and director of the Instituto Libre de Enseñanza. Antonio Machado, member of the Generation of 1898, attended the Instituto Libre de Enseñanza. It was in this school where Machado learned this philosophy. We will see through a detailed analysis some of the influences of the Spanish Krausism on Machado. We will see the metaphysics, the importance of freedom and the influence of Panentheism, as opposed to Pantheism, in the Castilian poet. All these ideas shaped him to be the philosophical writer that he became with the sole purpose of seeing a better Spain, a better world.

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Paper: Influence of Spanish Krausism on Antonio Machado, The

Dr. Christian Alberto Rubio

Assistant Professor, Foreign Languages, University of Louisiana at Monroe

I was born in Lima, Peru in 1972. In 1988, at the age of 16, I moved to New York, where I finished high school in 1990. I joined the U.S. Navy where I served for 5 years. I started my undergraduate degree in 1995 at Queens College. I graduated from there in 1999 with a B.A. in Spanish and minors in Secondary Education and Psychology. I was accepted to Teachers College-Columbia University PhD program that same year. I taught high school (at East Meadow HS, Long Island NY and Newtown HS, Queens, NY) while attending grad school. My fascination with the poetry of Antonio Machado led me to write my dissertation; whose title is: "The influence of Freemasonry in Antonio Machado", which has been accepted to be published by Mellen Press. I have also taught at Westchester Community College, NY and currently I am at University of Louisiana at Monroe.

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