China's Internet Culture: The Case of Virtual Marriage

Anne E. McLaren
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In recent years, the number of Chinese urban dwellers with access to the Internet has increased exponentially. Technological advances in new media and the greater commercialization of the economy have led to a proliferation of websites set up by private businesses targeting affluent consumers. This study will investigate the relatively new social phenomenon of 'virtual marriage' in China within the context of role-play, identity building and new network patterns in Chinese use of the internet. The implications for these new networks to operate beyond the control of the state will also be discussed.

Keywords: China, Internet, technological diffusion, individual subjectivities, state control
Stream: Cyberspace, Technology
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: China's Internet Culture

Anne E. McLaren

Senior Lecturer, Melbourne Institute of Asian Languages and Societies, The University of Melbourne

Research interests include orality, print and new communication technologies in China. Has published four books on Chinese popular culture of imperial times, Chinese literature and gender issues in China.

Ref: H05P0649