The Reinvention of Globalization: Short Stories by Langston Hughes

Dr. R. Baxter Miller
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Reinvention of the communal perception is necessary because the dislocation of an African American on the Atlantic Ocean or in Havana requires adaptation of the explorer's internalized nation. Finally, the wanderer's homeland needs to readapt to the reinvention of what American really means. I propose that the emerging greatness of Langston Hughes was and remains the structuring of synchronic history and diachronic time within the immediate space of a narrative event.

Keywords: African American Nation, Globalization, Langston Hughes, Dislocation, Adaptation, Reinvention
Stream: Literature, Literary Studies, Globalisation, Immigration, Refugees, Race, Nation
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Paper: Reinvention of Globalization, The

Dr. R. Baxter Miller

University of Georgia

His many books include the internationally acclaimed Black American Literature and Humanism (Kentucky 1981), for which he wrote the historical introduction and final essay, and The Art and Imagination of Langston Hughes (Kentucky 1989), which won the American Book Award for 1991. His Reference Guide to Langston Hughes and Gwendolyn Brooks (G. K. Hall, 1978) is a standard source, and his Black American Poets between Worlds, 1940-1960 (Tennessee 1986) is an academic bestseller. Author of The Southern Trace in Black Critical Theory, a commissioned monograph for the Xavier Review (December 1991), Miller is currently completing chapters of "New Chicago Renaissance from Wright to Kent." He is one of five co-authors and co-editors who completed the recent Riverside edition, Call and Response: African American Tradition in Literature (Houghton Mifflin, 1998). The editor of "The Short Stories", Collected Works of Langston Hughes 15 (University of Missouri Press 2002), he is the invited contributor of the biography in the Historical Guide of Langston Hughes (Oxford 2003). As the author of scores of chapters, articles, review-essays, and reviews in scholarly journals, he has written a commissioned essay for National Biography (Oxford) and a foreword for classic reprints such as Fire in the Flint by Walter White (Georgia 1995), along with chapter nineteen for American Literary Scholarship (Duke).

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