The Construction of Teacher Knowledge

Ms Ruth Heilbronn
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Teacher education in England is enmeshed in a conflict between two seemingly opposing views of practice, the 'standards based model' ('technical rationality') and the reflective practitioner' model (practical knowledge, wisdom). Yet there is no clearcut version of the standards based model from which to extract a typology, and there are many interpretations of reflection on practice. The paper briefly outlines this context and suggests a 'thin' version of both positions. Using some concepts from the work of John Dewey it develops a view of how teachers learn in practice, in which a reconciliation between the two opposing theories are suggested. Dewey's naturalistic epistemology can account for the experiential nature of practical experience and practice based learning: it provides an 'epistemology of practice'. Critiques of Dewey's position for the construction of knowledge are acknowledged.

Keywords: Reflective Practice, Standards, Experiential learning, Teacher Education, John Dewey, Teacher Training
Stream: Knowledge, Philosophy, Ethics, Consciousness, Teaching and Learning
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Construction of Teacher Knowledge, The

Ms Ruth Heilbronn

Lecturer in Education, School of Culture, Language and Communication,, University of London Institute of Education

Ref: H05P0623