Francophonie and Globalization: Writing in French in a Post-colonial World

Dr. Muriel Walker
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Assia Djebar, an Algerian writer, calls French her "step-mother tongue", yet she chooses this language to write and express herself publically. She indeed signifies the ambiguity that "francophone" writers are facing in the world of today. For most post-colonial countries such as Algeria, French is indeed the language of the colonizer and yet most writers and artists choose it to express themselves. Could they be "re-colonizing" the language of yesterday's ennemy? What is the place of "French-speaking" countries in today's world? What is the effect of Globalization on them? In this paper I intend to address these questions through the study of "francophone literature" in the works of Assia Djebar (Algeria), Emmanuel Dongala (Congo) and Edouard Glissant (Martinique). My approach will be literary as well as linguistic and I will try to understand what is a literature called "francophone".

Keywords: Francophonie, literature, globalization
Stream: Literature, Literary Studies, Language, Linguistics, Globalisation
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Paper: Francophonie and Globalization

Dr. Muriel Walker

Assistant Professor, French studies, McMaster University

I orginally come from France but I have completed my studies at the University of Toronto in Canada. My doctorat thesis was on the work of Algerian writer Assia Djebar. I specialize in the field of francophone literature: North African, Sub-Saharian Africa and the Caribbeans.

Ref: H05P0622