Male Intimate Partner Abuse in Vietnam

Dr. Tuyen D. Nguyen
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The present study investigated the prevalence of both current and lifetime physical partner abuse among Vietnamese males who reside in Vietnam. Participants (N315) were randomly selected to participate in the study. Participants completed the Vietnamese translated version of the Conflict Tactics Scale 2. Based on the CTS2 scores obtained, a total of 47% (n=148) of the sampled participants were identified as current physical abusers and 68% (n=214)as past abusers in their intimate relationship. Results showed four of the most common abusive tactics abusers exhibited toward their partner included: 1) throwing something at their wives (80%), 2) pushing or shoving their partner (78%), 3) beating up their partner (54%), and 4) twisting partner's arm or hair (60%).

Keywords: Partner abuse, Vietnam, Vietnamese men, Aggression
Stream: Immigration, Refugees, Race, Nation
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Vietnamese Refugees and Immigrants

Dr. Tuyen D. Nguyen

Assistant Professor, Department of Human Services, California State University-Fullerton

Author is an assistant professor in the human services department at Cal State Fullerton. Author has had experience in counseling private practice working with court-ordered populations in the areas of domestic violence, battering, drugs/alcohol abuse.

Ref: H05P0620