Ideology, Agency and the Information Age

Mr Markku Valtanen
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The objective of the presentation is to give an analytic and critical view on the discussion about the global informational capitalism as a discussion about the ideological condition of moral and political agency with a special reference to Manuel Castells' trilogy The Information Age (1996-2000). This will be accomplished by sketching a set of theoretical questions for an analysis of the concept of agency and it's ideological condition, which questions will, in turn, be applied to Castells' vision of global informational capitalism. Even though Castells is very curt on the concept of ideology, some of his writings relating to the ideas in The Information Age, as well as some critical reviews on the trilogy give a good reason to presuppose that his theory implies a deeper understanding of the concept of ideology than has made visible in his bestseller. An analysis from the perspective of the concept of ideology would thus provide with an interesting conceptual results on the theoretical background assumptions of this celebrated visionary. Finally, the possible contribution of revised discussion to the theory of ideology in general will be examined and analysed.

Keywords: Ideology, Agency, Information Age, Manuel Castells
Stream: Philosophy, Ethics, Consciousness, Globalisation, Cyberspace, Technology
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Ideology, Agency and the Information Age

Mr Markku Valtanen

Research student, Center for Social Ethics Department of Systematic Theology University of Helsinki, University of Helsinki

Ref: H05P0600