Manx Gaelic: A Story of the Undead

Dr Jennifer Kewley Draskau
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Manx Gaelic, traditionally discounted as a living language, has enjoyed considerable revitalisation of late. Grassroots activities have achieved official recognition and support: provision for teachers, facilitators and Manx-medium pre-school and primary school has promoted a growth in the number of speakers of Manx. A research project with the University of Liverpool has focussed on recording older near-native speakers who acquired their Manx transgenerationally from native speakers, in an effort to capture the rapidly-changing intonational and phonemic patterns of traditional Manx. the results offer a wealth of syntactic and semantic insights, and provide evidence of the co-operative principles governing discourse in Manx Gaelic.

Keywords: Language death, Language revitalisation, Initiatives: grassroots/ official, Discourse features of spoken Manx Gaelic
Stream: Language, Linguistics
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Tale of the Undead, A

Dr Jennifer Kewley Draskau

Senior Research Fellow, University of Liverpool

Ref: H05P0575