Sites of Resistance: Responding to Sotires as an Exercise in Dangerous Memory

Dr Bryant Griffith,
Dr. George Labercane
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A story (A House of My Own, Cisnero, 1989) was read to a group of six Hispanic women who were then asked to respond aesthetically to the story. Responses were taped, transcribed and analysed using a Reader response framework coupled with Bourdieu's framework. Reader Theory reveals the important role response plays in an individual's engagement with text. Bourdieu's analysis is only suggestive of the role of symbolic violence plays in the lives of these women.

Keywords: Efferent, Aesthetic Response, Text Envisionment, Bourdieu's Symbolic Violence, Lived Experience, Fields, Habitus, Capital
Stream: Literature, Literary Studies, Language, Linguistics, Philosophy, Ethics, Consciousness, Ethnicity, Difference, Identity
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Sites of Resistance

Dr Bryant Griffith

Professor of Education, College of Education, Texas A&M University

Dr. George Labercane

Professor Emeritus, Graduate Division of Educational Research, University of Calgary

Ref: H05P0574