Conflict and Concomitance: Making Humanities Connect

Dr. Susan M. Leist,
Dr. Stanley Kardonsky
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Articles are appearing with increasing frequency bemoaning the increasing separation of the study of humanities from its public. Teachers of the humanities are seeking new ways to make their discipline accessible and meaningful to an ever more skeptical, and technologically inclined, student body. The authors have been teaching a humanities course for two years that uses the "two cultures" paradigm as its pedagogical "hook". This presentation will demonstrate how they use the conflicts (and concomitances) between science and the humanities provide the opportunity to teach the latter in a way which challenges the student to question preconceptions of reality, truth and understanding.

Keywords: Humanities, Science, Interdisciplinary teaching
Stream: Teaching and Learning, Science, Environment and the Humanities
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Conflict and Concomitance

Dr. Susan M. Leist

Professor, Department of English, SUNY College at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York

Dr Susan Leist has a doctorate in English Education from the University of Virginia. She lives and teaches in Buffalo, NY with her husband. She has three adult children. She has published articles and books about writing and teaching. She and her teaching partner, a scientist, have taught for three years together. She also teaches English education courses.

Dr. Stanley Kardonsky

Vice President for Finance and Management, Department of Chemistry, SUNY College at Buffalo

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