Making the Connections: Co-teaching Science and Technology Education

Dr. Caroline Chiccarelli,
Prof. William Belanger
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Team-teaching methodologies in higher education are being highlighted as a replacement for the 100-year old podium-lecture. In order to explore the effectiveness of these teaching/learning modes, these presenters have developed co-teaching strategies as a means to address the waning interest in the sciences. We have developed this model, enhanced by combining content and pedagogy, as an effort to respond to the national attempt to recruit teachers of science, and develop a curiosity in the sciences for pre-service teachers. The course (Science and Society) was enrolled primarily with education majors and minors; and was co-taught by members of the science and education departments. This course concentrated not only on the scientific principles of technology in every day life (using James Burke's CONNECTIONS video series as text/discussion and writing prompt), but also integrated the necessary communication and pedagogical skills for teachers. Assignments dealt w/ multiple learning responses in an effort to incorporate visual literacy, speaking/listening skills, i.e., group discussion, reports on small technology (from the paperclip to the bra), web research, formal multimedia presentations, speeches, and critical thinking. Our workshop will discuss our observations of team learning and its impact on teacher preparation programs. As well as focusing on distinctive teaching/learning techniques, we will explore the ramifications of co-teaching as a model for teaching behaviors.

Keywords: co-teaching, science education, teacher preparation, visual learning as critical thinking prompt
Stream: Teaching and Learning, Science, Environment and the Humanities
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
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Dr. Caroline Chiccarelli

Associate Professor, Education, Education Department, Worcester State College

Prof. William Belanger

Associate Professor, Physical and Natural Sciences, Physical and Earth Sciences Department, Worcester State College

Ref: H05P0563