Tragedy and politics

Dr. Neal Curtis
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Tragedy is the desire to secure a foundation for political action when no such foundation is possible. Lucien Goldmann's The Hidden God analyses the problem of politics in the absence of knowledge of right action, or in a world where God is turned away. This prefaced many of the poststructuralist critiques of politics and challenges the very possibility of a political science. it also opens up an opportunity for the Humanities to guide politics instead. In a world of increased political fundamentalism this question takes on even more significance. Goldmann's analysis is complemented by Heidegger's treatment of the polis in Sophocles's tragedies.

Keywords: Politics, Tragedy, Goldmann, Heidegger
Stream: Philosophy, Ethics, Consciousness
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Dr. Neal Curtis

Senior Lecturer, School of Arts, Communication and Culture, Nottingham Trent University

Senior Lecturer, Arts, Communication and Culture, Nottingham Trent University. Author of Against Autonomy, Ashgate, 2001. Currently writing book entitled War and Social Theory for Palgrave. Managing editor of Theory, Culture and Society.

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