Chanting Lithuanian Group Folk Songs Sutartines: Possibilities of Transactions

Dr. Aldona Vilkeliene
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The goal of this article is to analyze the possibilities of transactions teaching to sing Lithuanian group songs (so called "sutartines"). It was noted that during singing of group songs the participants of survey evidently demonstrated elevated temper, impetuosity, internal harmony. As it is asserted by E. Berne, "the chance of a human being to maintain his/her coherent Myself depends upon the flow of continuously new emotional incentives", and the most efficient incentives are acquired during the social contacts, according to author. The conclusion is: artistic context of group chants sutartines based on the abundance of playful elements creates a feeling of aesthetic enjoyment, emotionally influences (stimulates) the chanting person and creates a possibility to him/her to maintain a coherent state of personal Myself, according to E. Berne.

Keywords: Transaction, Group chants – sutartines, Therapeutic effect, Social contacts, National identity
Stream: Ethnicity, Difference, Identity
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Chanting Lithuanian Group Folk Songs Sutartines

Dr. Aldona Vilkeliene

Lecturer in Special Art Pedagogy, Department of Art Education Culture and Art Education Institute, Vilnius Pedagogical University

Received a Doctor's degree in Educology (Social sciences). She has written several textbooks "Music in interwar Alytus" (1996), "Opera" (2000) and a monograph "Integrated Teaching of Music for Children with Special Needs" (2003). Fields of Study: Art - pedagogy, music psychology and sociology

Ref: H05P0545