The Meanings of Genetics: Possibilities and Pitfalls

Dr Yulia Egorova,
Stephen Pattison,
Dr Andrew Edgar
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This paper will be one of the outcomes of the Meanings of Genetics project run at Cardiff University. The project is based on the observation that as well as being a practical and ethical challenge, the genetics revolution is an imaginative and cultural one for the humanity. There can be little doubt that, like the Darwinian revolution in evolutionary thought, modern developments in and perceptions of genetics will have an enormous impact upon all intellectual disciplines in terms of issues, form and content. How are humanities disciplines to help themselves and others to re-image and understand the cultural, social and other intellectual possibilities that genetics presents beyond the realm of action and the ethical? This paper determines the main themes in the humanities' responses to genetics, explores the possibilities for a mutual methodological exchange between humanities and genetics and identifies gaps and constraints in these responses.

Keywords: Interdisciplinarity, Science and Humanities, Meaning of Genetics
Stream: Science, Environment and the Humanities
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Meanings of Genetics, The

Dr Yulia Egorova

Research Fellow, School of Religious and Theological Studies, Cardiff University

I was born and grew up in Moscow and received my BA and MA degrees in History from the Moscow State University. I was later awarded a Postgraduate Diploma from the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies. My PhD on Jews and Judaism in Modern Indian Discourse was awarded to me by the School of Oriental and African Studies, London University, where I also worked as a Research assistant on a project on the 'Impact of genetic Research on the Religious Identity of the Lemba Judaising Groups in Southern Africa'. At the moment I am a Research Fellow on a project looking at the cultural implications of genetics at the School of Religious and Theological Studies at Cardiff University. I have taught on courses Religions of the Near and Middle East, Religion, Society and Culture and Jews in Asia and Africa.

Stephen Pattison

Head of School, School of Religious and Theological Studies, Cardiff University

Dr Andrew Edgar

Senior Lecturer, English, Communication and Philosophy, Cardiff University

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