Revisiting Ancient African Truths: Spontaneous Healing of the Bereaved Child Client

Irene Strydom
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A child, who is faced with the reality of the death of a loved one, is often referred to psychotherapists who may have very fixed ideas about death and mourning and the process and phases of mourning that a child is supposed to go through. SHIPiC (TM) - Spontaneous Intrasystemic Process in Children - suggests a fresh approach in Psychology to bereavement therapy which is less intrusive and prescriptive. During SHIPiC (TM) the child client is allowed to grieve according to the pace set by the internal wisdom of the child's own bodily system. The age-old African truths about healing, set a new stage in Psychology and endeavours to move away from accepted western ways of 'treating' the mourning client. The child is not expected to be in a specific stage of phase of mourning and is allowed to experience all the aspects of the slow healing process. In this presentation, the SHIPiC (TM) approach, which has been trade marketed in 2003, is explained.

Keywords: Spontaneous healing in children, Revisiting ancient African truths, Spontaneous healing of the bereaved child client
Stream: Ethnicity, Difference, Identity
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
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Irene Strydom

Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Human Sciences, University of South Africa
South Africa

At the University of South Africa I train psychometrists and psychologists who will register with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. I am also an interim-trainer at SHIP (R) Foundation which is registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa as a training school, which trains registered psychologists to apply the principles of spontaneous healing in clients. I also have a private practise where I apply SHIPiC (TM) - Spontaneous Healing Intrasystemic Process in children.

Ref: H05P0532