Reason and World Order

Prof. Gerhardus Stephanus Labuschagne
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It is submitted that politically reason operates in two dimensions i.e. in space as well as in time. In space reason operates in terms of coherence in time in terms of precedence. A critical consideration in evaluating these dimensions is that any systematic attempt to assert either coherence or precedence at the expense of each other leads to irrationality.

To assert coherence in this sense (i.e. at the expense of precedence) leads to stagnation and absolutism. Likewise to assert precedence unilaterally leads to domination and imperialism. Reason, in other words, is a coordinated attempt to correlate the demands of movement and judgement.

To realise this correlation between space and time, a global reference is necessary since reason is ultimately incompatible with either the totally relative or the totally abstract. Facts and values must thus be co-ordinated and not derived from each other. The role of reason is to reconcile and not to dictate or to impose.

Rationality and wholeness are two sides of the same reality. Order and rationality are thus identical and as such represents a higher reality than either causality or morality

Keywords: Reason, World Order, Imperialism, Causality, Morality
Stream: Knowledge, Political Science, Politics
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Paper: Reason and World Order

Prof. Gerhardus Stephanus Labuschagne

Dept of Political Sciences, University of South Africa
South Africa

Ref: H05P0505