Estrangement Between Men and Women in the Poetry of Robert Frost Published After 1914

Dr. Alan Kelly
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I have recently presented a paper at an international conference in which I discussed poems by Robert Frost in his first two books of poetry published in England in which he examines a variety of relationships between men and women that are not thriving for a number of reasons. I looked also at some poems in which he hints at ways men and women might relate in more successful ways. The themes established as important to Frost in these early poems appear also in his later poetry, and I will be continuing to trace in my paper for this conference his treatment of this interesting topic. In addition, I would like to connect what Frost says about such problems to experiences in his own life that seem to have generated his interest in such a topic. Details about his marriage to his wife Elinor are especially relevant, as are experiences of friends and neighbors. At a time when the U.S. Census Bureau predicts more than half of marriages in the U.S. will end in divorce, Frost's view of such troubles seems quite relevant even forty years after his death.

Keywords: Robert Frost, Relationships between men and women, Problems between men and women
Stream: Literature, Literary Studies, Sexuality, Gender, Families
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Paper: Estrangement between Men and Women in the Poetry of Robert Frost Published after 1914

Dr. Alan Kelly

Associate Professor of English, English Department, Millersville University of Pennsylvania

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