Are Languages and Communication Worth Studying? Students' Thoughts of Themselves As Competent Intercultural Communicators.

Mrs Niina Kovalainen
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The subject of this study is intercultural communication: how students in Finnish universities and an American university see themselves as competent intercultural communicators. Firstly the study is focused on university students whose major subject is communication. Their feelings and quantitative numerical results are compared with the results got from Finnish technical science students and American education major students to see whether there are any differences between students who have or have not studied communication, culture and /or languages. Secondly, the purpose of this study is to combine the separate but intersecting factors of communication, culture and language in the analysis. The results were gathered by administrating a questionnaire called Intercultural Communication Competence Scale (ICCCS). It was formulated based upon the Communicative Adaptability Scale (CAS) compiled and tested by Duran and Wheeless in 1980. As the present study is empirical and cumulative in nature, the only new aspect added to the original CAS questionnaire was the aspect of using foreign languages thus making the context of questions somewhat different from CAS.

Keywords: Communication, Culture, Language, Intercultural Communication, Competence
Stream: Media, Film Studies, Theatre, Communication
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Mrs Niina Kovalainen

Teacher of English and Communication, The Language Center of Tampere University of Technology, Tampere University of Technology

Ref: H05P0480