The Role of Nationally and Culturally Oriented Textbooks in Foreign Language Acquisition: Discussing Foreign Language Textbooks

Dr. Janna Lelchuk
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Today, in the world of global communication, learning foreign languages and different cultures becomes more important than ever. The most significant role in the process of foreign language acquisition is given to a teacher and a textbook. The existence of hundreds of language textbooks in the world market today often makes it difficult for educators to select the right materials for teaching. The two main types of foreign language textbooks that are used for contemporary teaching are recognized as:

1) a general textbook that is not aimed to a specific nation/culture (such as "Russian for Everybody", i.e. Russian for British, French, Germans, Americans, etc.);

2) a nationally oriented textbook, created specifically for that particular nation/culture (such as "Russian for Germans" or "Russian for Americans", etc.)

The goal of the presentation is to show how important it is to create and use culturally oriented textbooks versus general ones. The presentation is based on using the principles of inward and outward cultural orientation, and it is demonstrated mainly on the comparison of textbooks that are used today for teaching the Russian language.

Keywords: Foreign Language Acquisition, Foreign Language Textbook, General Textbook, Inward Cultural Orientation, Nationally Oriented Textbook, Outward Cultural Orientation, Total Physical Response
Stream: Language, Linguistics, Teaching and Learning
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Paper: Role of Nationally and Culturally Oriented Textbooks in Foreign Language Acquisition, The

Dr. Janna Lelchuk

Russian Language Professor, University of Alaska Southeast, Juneau, Alaska, USA. Juneau School District, Juneau-Douglas High School, Alaska, USA., American Council of Teachers of Russian

Born and raised in Russia. Graduated from Minsk State University of Foreign Languages with majors in English and German. In 1987 received Ph.D. in Linguistics at Gertzen State University. Participated in many international conferences and researches. In 1992 was invited to the USA to develop a Russian language program for Alaskan schools. Author of the textbooks "I Want To Speak Russian!" and "Let's Teach Russian!" Author of method of TPR (Total Physical Response) as applied to the Russian Language. A very strong supporter of the idea of nationally oriented teaching. A recipient of many awards including letters of recognition from two Alaskan governors.

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