Building on the Two Pillars of People and Knowledge: The Contribution of E-archival Value in the Creation of Cultural Experiences

Dr. Triantafillia Kourtoumi
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First section: Digitisation and semantic annotation are examined as an essential first step to unlock the treasure chest of our archival memory.

Second section: In this process, the next step is to provide enhanced access to and new experiences with archival objects and knowledge ,making the notion of archival heritage more tangible.

Main concepts: The arrival of the information society and the move toward the knowledge-based economy highlighted the importance of tacit knowledge and the need to manage knowledge resources including skills and competencies. Knowledge management as a concept with people taking the centre stage has prompted us, archivists, to rethink information management and shift focus on archival heritage from trying to develop intelligent system to that of developing tools for intelligent people. It is this realization that makes knowledge management attractive to archival organizations. While the focus in information management is mostly on explicit knowledge, knowledge management brings a new dimension in research and learning, the need to manage tacit knowledge by focusing on people and enhance their capability by improving communication, information transfer and collaboration in a global environment.

Keywords: Archives, Digital Repository, Knowledge, Management, Globalisation
Stream: Cyberspace, Technology
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Dr. Triantafillia Kourtoumi

Historian- Senior Archivist, Historical Archives of Macedonia, National Archives of Greece

Ref: H05P0472