The Twice Migrated: Political Economy of South Asian Immigrants From the Middle East to Canada

Dr. Tania Das Gupta
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This paper will present the findings of a pilot exploratory study on South Asian migrants to Canada coming via the Middle East in a two-stage migration process. The proposed exploratory study will focus on such questions as: what are the factors for their two-stage migration process? What caused them to migrate from South Asia to the Middle East? What were the causes of their migration from the Middle East to Canada? What are the social characteristics of these migrants in terms of class, religion and ethnicity? What effects does this two-step migration process have on their family formation? What experiences do they have in Canada? Do they see Canada as their final destination? What are their identities? A political economy framework will be utilized with a gender and race analysis. The paper will shed light on why people migrate from one region into another, what kind of links remain with originating countries, whether they decide to stay in Canada or not, effects on their family relationships, effects on youth, their communities and their own identities.

Keywords: Migration, Political Economy, Race and Gender, Identities, Citizenship
Stream: Immigration, Refugees, Race, Nation
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Twice Migrated

Dr. Tania Das Gupta

Associate Professor, School of Social Sciences Atkinson Faculty of Liberal and Professional Studies, York University

was born in India but have been in Canada for the last over 30 years. A sociologist by academic training, I have been teaching for the last 13 years at York University in Canada. Before that, I spent about 4 years teaching community workers in Toronto. Prior to that, I was a community worker/activist for about 15 years in Toronto. My activism and academic work cover issues around race, gender and class, particularly in the areas of work, families, immigrant women, multiculturalism policy, community organizing and the labour movement.. My publications include: RACISM AND PAID WORK, LEARNING FROM OUR HISTORY: COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT BY IMMIGRANT WOMEN IN ONTARIO and several articles and book chapters.

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