Experience + Research = Scholarship: Integrating Information Literacy into Reading- and Writing-Intensive Courses in the Arts and Humanities

Ms Shannon Van Kirk,
Ben Jacks
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Preparing undergraduates for lifelong learning without sacrificing course content requires a balance between the practical and the creative and a dynamic librarian/faculty partnership.

Information Literacy, the lingua franca of the Knowledge Society, is best developed through partnership between librarians and faculty. In this case study, the authors describe how a reading- and writing-intensive course in "Design and Human Behavior" evolved to include a range of activities designed to support students in the development of transferable knowledge and core secondary research competencies. Progressive acquisition of skills, use of the library as a principle learning site, and the librarian-scholar partnership all contributed to student confidence and success.

Our students have benefited from having a trained information professional in the classroom who is also literate in the content, vocabulary, and methodologies of the discipline. This synergy has enriched what were already satisfying and fruitful individual teaching experiences for both librarian and scholar.

What has become clear is that student success is driven by discipline-based, semester-long I.L. instruction integrated into the curriculum. This approach removes obstacles to student creativity. Cooperative planning and shared leadership for Information Literacy in the classroom encourages student understanding of both course content and the research process.

Keywords: Information Literacy, Librarian/faculty Collaboration, Discipline-based Information Literacy Instruction
Stream: Knowledge
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Paper: Experience + Research = Scholarship

Ms Shannon Van Kirk

Art and Architecture Librarian and Head of the Wertz Art and Architecture Library, Wertz Art and Architecture Library, Miami University

Shannon Van Kirk became Head of the Art and Architecture Library at Miami University, in the fall of 1999, moving to Oxford, Ohio, from Nashville, Tennessee, where she was a Reference Librarian at Vanderbilt University's Central Library. Before joining the staff at Central, Shannon worked at Vanderbilt's Education Library for four years. This daily exposure to the literature and resources of Education strengthened her commitment to the teaching role of librarians. Originally from Los Angeles, Shannon received her B.A., Art, from Immaculate Heart College. Later, while living and working in Nashville, she earned her Masters Degree in Library and Information Studies at The University of Alabama. As an exhibiting artist, Shannon is able to relate to the professional needs of the faculty and students in Art and Architecture. Her current research focus is assessment in Discipline-based Information Literacy Instruction. She counts herself fortunate to have made connections to several faculty members in both Art and Architecture who welcome the added dimension of an information professional in the classroom who knows the vocabulary and methodologies of their disciplines.

Ben Jacks

Professor, School of Architecture and Interior Design, Miami University

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